State of the Art Geotechnical Site Investigations

Geotechnical site investigations - Face Rock Bandon

Why have Geotechnical site investigations?

Geotechnical site investigations - old lumber mill
Site investigation inside an existing industrial mill

Geotechnical site investigations are the fundamental basis for nearly every recommendation we make to clients, whether it be for new construction, slope stability evaluation, delineation of geologic hazards, or foundation repairs, and, in many cases, are required for commercial developments. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, K & A Engineering, Inc. has the experience, knowledge, and tools to design a cost-effective investigation of your project site.

Our belief is that a practical and thorough understanding of site conditions is essential for the success and reliability of every project. To that end, we tailor every investigation to match the profile of the project. Prior to developing a proposed scope of work and cost estimate we:

  • Research local geology,
  • Consult records for previous geotechnical borings and well logs in the area, and
  • Match exploratory methods with the expected subsurface condition and the type and quality of data needed.


Our Site Investigation Services

Site investigation for local high school retrofit
School seismic retrofit investigation

We have years of direct experience in completing successful, cost-effective Geotechnical investigations in a wide variety of geology and physical terrains throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. Types of projects for which we provide Geotechnical site investigations include:

  • Industrial site development and construction including mills and manufacturing
  • Bridge foundations
  • Commercial and retail developments
  • Landslide and slope stabilization
  • Coastal hazard assessment
  • Critical structures including schools, fire stations, medical facilities, and public assembly buildings
  • Seismic retrofit projects
  • Foundation underpinning and repair


Geotechnical site investigations - Face Rock Bandon
Investigation for coastal hazard assessment

Because we own and operate our own Geotechnical drilling equipment, we are intimately familiar with exploratory methods that yield the best data at the least cost. This also gives us an advantage in minimizing the time between a notice to proceed, commencement of scheduled field work, and completion of our report.

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