Slope Stabilization

  • Do you have an existing landslide issue?
  • Are you a road manager struggling with road embankment failures?
  • Do need a Geotechnical Assessment of landslide hazard for an upcoming project?

K & A Engineering, Inc. offers you solid Geotechnical experience and state-of-the art analytical capability to resolve these issues. We understand Northwest geology and how the soils, rock, and hydrology of our area combine to affect stability of slopes. We also understand low volume road operations and maintenance issues.

K & A Engineering provides over three decades of experience in developing solutions for areas of existing slope movement.

Our recommendations are made in real terms that make sense to a property owner or land manager. Our solutions are geared to practical decision making and your budget.

For transportation corridor projects we understand projects in terms of reliability, cost, visual impact, and environmental impact. We have extensive experience in roadway cut and fill embankments and what typically causes slope failures for each. We accept the challenge to design solutions that provide excellence in reliability while protecting an often constrained budget. Our background in transportation projects in extremely sensitive watersheds enables us to cut to the chase with regulatory agencies and enable your project to succeed.