Geotechnical Drilling Services

K & A Engineering, Inc. owns and operates two Geotechnical drills that offers many advantages for Geotechnical subsurface investigations.  Our drills are well suited for a wide variety of site surface and subsurface conditions.  Both drills are mounted on diesel-powered rubber-tracked chassis for access to:

  • Confined areas
    Compact Dando drill – perfect for difficult-access job sites
  • Steep or uneven grades
  • Low vertical clearance such as building interiors or overhead utilities
  • Mobile platforms such as barges or rail car

We use these specialized rigs to characterize subsurface conditions using a variety of drilling and probing services including:

  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing (DCP)
  • Hollow Stem Auguring
  • Mud rotary for loose and saturated soils
  • Split Spoon sampling with Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Continuous push sampling
  • Large diameter undisturbed sampling

Check out the manufacturers’ web pages to learn more about these Geotechnical drills: