Hilyard Abbey Foundation Engineering

Project Information

Project Type:
Foundation Engineering

Hilyard Abbey

Eugene, Oregon


K & A Engineering, Inc. designed the foundation system, including perimeter retaining walls, for a large 4-story apartment Structure which included basement-level parking.  Large spread footings were designed and constructed to provide support for large vertical and lateral loads. K & A Engineering, Inc. also designed temporary shoring systems for lateral support of the foundation excavation which extended to the property boundary and adjacent existing foundations at grade.

Services provided by K & A Engineering, Inc. included:

  • A Geotechnical investigation of the project site using our truck-mounted Geotechnical drill to assess subsurface conditions and make recommendations for site development and foundation systems,
  • Structural design of foundation systems, retaining walls, and temporary shorting for the foundation excavation, and
  • Quality assurance inspections for foundation pad construction.