Goodpasture Island PUD

Project Type:
Foundation Engineering

Goodpasture Island P.U.D.

Eugene, Oregon


The 22-acre Goodpasture Planned Unit Development located on Alexander Loop, in Eugene, Oregon. Located on a filled river channel, the site presented many challenges for construction on loose sandy fills. K & A Engineering, Inc. accurately characterized site subsurface conditions and geologic hazards at the site, provided practical recommendations for foundation support, and quality assurance construction inspection.

Goodpasture Island Road Bridge
A condition of the Goodpasture Island P.U.D. was widening the Goodpasture Island Road overpass spanning Delta Highway. K & A Engineering, Inc. provided a comprehensive geotechnical investigation of subsurface conditions and developed alternative recommendations for foundation support. The investigation included night drilling to minimize safety hazards associated with working in the roadway of a busy four-lane highway.

Services provided by K & A Engineering, Inc. included: