Eagle Crest Road Failure Stabilization

Project Information

Project Type:
Slope Stabilization
Hawks Point Homeowners Association
Eugene, Oregon

An approximately 95-foot long portion of the west-bound lane of Skyhawk Way experienced severe translation and settlement due to slope failure of the road fill embankment. At the date of our investigation, vertical settlement and lateral translation was as much as 4-inches. Prior to our involvement, the failure had been accelerating for several years.
The selected repair alternative included the installation of over 32-soil nails, a reinforced shotcrete reaction footing, and toe drain system.

Services provided by K & A Engineering, Inc. included:

  • A comprehensive site investigation – Geotechnical borings, surveying cross sections, slope stability analysis, and laboratory testing of sampled soils
  • Computer modeling of the failure to confirm the cause of failure and the location of the failure surface
  • Development of alternatives for repairs
  • Assisting the client in selecting a preferred alternative
  • Designing the repair alternative (Soil Nailing) including construction drawings and specifications
  • Quality assurance inspection of construction